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01 January 2020 @ 02:40 pm
Updated January 7th, 2010. ( view artwork :: place a request )
31 December 2019 @ 02:27 am
Mitashade Custom Art & Design Custom e-books
Make your fic (or your favourite fic) into a customized digital .pdf version, complete with cover art, table of contents, and custom text format. read more :: see example :: requestCollapse )
26 February 2015 @ 02:44 am
Haven't used this account in a while. Guess I kind of disappeared.

I've had an itch to be a beta reader/editor these past weeks. Particularly for Harry Potter work, but also for Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel, Sherlock, Firefly, a few others.

Maybe I'll stat doing artwork requests again. Maybe. We'll see. :)

How're you guys? Anyone still listening?
I had fun re-creating this poster a few days ago, and then I just saw that someone else had done it too: I figured I'd post my version as well, since it got a good reaction. I took a high quality screen cap and vectorized it in Illustrator, then brought the whole thing into Photoshop for texturing and touch ups. On the whole? Fun to make.

The final image size is 24" x 36". So the size of a large-ish poster. Perfect for having printed in any size up to that.

I took some liberties and played around with the colours to suit my style, since I actually mostly made it for my boyfriend, lol.

Here's the link to download the full sized JPEG:

Feel free to download it, use it, print it, whatever. As long as you don't claim it as your work, etc. It's not even mine, so I can't really do it either, lol.

15 April 2010 @ 01:55 am
Okay. To all those I owe artwork to, or would like some artwork made:

I am officially done school next week (Wednesday). From then on until September, I am all yours. For the three auction winners, I should get everyone's stuff done next week, no problem. :D

Just wanted to let y'all know, since I've been like uber-silent lately, and I might not have gotten back to you. I'm still here, and I still love you guys!

People I owe large amounts of work to:


People I owe other (perhaps no smaller) amounts of work to:

SS auction bidders (icons)
hobbit_hunter (tennant_love layout)
jessalrynn (plot bunnies comm layout)

Am I missing something?
03 April 2010 @ 11:20 am
Hello fellow Doctor Who fans of mine.

Just wanted to let all of the non-Brits like me know that
there is a way to watch the episode live today.

You need only download VLC media player and go to Open/Streaming Network (or something similar) and enter [ http://cctv.ws/7/BBC1 ] into the URL text area. This will steam BBC1 directly onto your computer. I've been watching soaps all week, lol, so I know it works. I'm just hoping the increased traffic today doesn't crash the server, lol.

Oh, and once you get it working, you'll want to change the aspect ratio to 16:9 in the 'Video' menu. otherwise the picture will be all squished.

Happy viewing everyone. :D Only a couple more hours to go!

And in case anyone was interested, here are all the other channels I have:

BBC1: http://cctv.ws/7/BBC1

BBC2: http://cctv.ws/7/BBC2

BBC3: http://cctv.ws/9/BBC3

BBC 4: http://is.gd/aUO9k

ITV 1: http://is.gd/aUObS

ITV 2: http://is.gd/aUOdA

ITV 3: http://is.gd/aUOfj

ITV 4: http://is.gd/aUOh6

Four: http://is.gd/aUOiT

Film 4: http://is.gd/aUOkE

E4: http://is.gd/aUOml

Five: http://is.gd/aUOo3

More 4: http://is.gd/aUOpp

BBC News: http://is.gd/aUOrs

CBS Reality: http://is.gd/aUOtm

Zone Horror: http://is.gd/aUOv1

Sky News: http://is.gd/aUOxR

Russia Today: http://is.gd/aUOAc

National Geographic: http://cctv.ws/1/Y5V8K3/NatGeoWild

Discovery: http://cctv.ws/9/OZBJl3/Discovery_Channel
02 April 2010 @ 09:36 am
Okay so I owe 3 people some artwork for the Support Stacie auction.

Those three people know who they are.

If you guys could just post here so I can easily get to you, that'd be great. I'll be taking you guys on in order that I got the SSA notices, just fyi.

Also, if you bid on me at all during the auction, please post your icon prompt here.
I might get some work done today, since I have today off everything (I knew there was a reason to like religious holidays). I'm spending the day continuing my Fringe marathon with one of my best friends, then I'm heading to see Avatar at the Imax tonight. Gonna be AWESOME. Nothing like a 10 story screen to make THAT movie come to life even more.

27 March 2010 @ 09:46 pm
Everyone should watch this. Brilliant.

Logorama from Marc Altshuler - Human Music on Vimeo.

Enjoy. :)
27 March 2010 @ 05:44 am

Oh HEY everyone. I forgot to post that I'm participating in the Support Stacie Auction! XD

I have 2 offers going.

1. One LJ layout design (layout/header/icon/friendsonly/etc) | Doctor Who & Buffy Fandoms, or Misc. (not fandom themed).
2. One banner/header | Doctor Who & Buffy Fandoms.
Special: I'm also offering an icon to every person who bets an increment of $10! :D

So yeah... I'm a little late, but there it is.

- Mita
23 March 2010 @ 01:17 am
Hi Thia. :P

I've just been so freaking BUSY. With class, mostly, but the store I work at is in it's final week before we move, now, so I'm working like a freaking dog 'cause we're so damn busy. I work on ALL my days off. I think I have tomorrow off, but I have to get all my homework done, lol.

I also haven't done much fanart (apart from some stuff for FF.com), so I haven't really had anything to post. OH I know!

This is my favourite CH video of all time. Probably on my top 10 vids of all time list, too.

It's not embeddable, but it's freaking AWESOME.