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17 March 2009 @ 11:09 pm
MD - Master Artwork List
Updated January 7th, 2010.

Status: on hiatus

Kristina Lavoie | Create Your Badge


All works posted below are the property of Kristina Lavoie (mitashade), and are not available for use as stock artwork unless by express permission of the artist.

Unless you have permission, or permission is posted below, do not take any of the artwork made available on this journal (with the exception of PDF files labelled for public use).

Although the artwork is still considered original, many stock images and backgrounds/textures are taken from other sources. No copyright infringement is intended. Mitashade Custom Art & Design makes no profit from the artwork posted below.

If you are given permission to use any of the poster artwork, please credit me with the following:
Artwork by <a href="http://mitashade.livejournal.com/11229.html">Mitashade Custom Art & Design</a>.

Artwork is theoretically posted in order of creation (many may be out of order due to a page crash which resulted in me having to completely re-code this page). Titles are in the format of ("Name of piece" "author/user piece was created for").


Better With You by amberfocus
A Sky Without Zeppelins by amberfocus
Competition by iamadalek
Midnight by mitashade
Scoring by iamadalek
Anywhere Will Do by momdaegmorgan
In Human Hands by rallalon
Firestorm by the_willlows
Do You Ever Wonder?
My Name is the Doctor
A Sky Without Stars by amberfocus
You're What? by amberfocus
Little Wonders by saphiralupin/missshapenmuse
Someone Else by the_willows & yourebrilliant
Strange Magicks by lillibet
Song of the Vaqualion by wildwinterwitch
Michelle's Reads (book blog header)
Gallifrey One - postcard entry 2009
Never Quite... by jessalrynn & olfactoryventriloquism
Bad Wolf for yourstar202
Whitechapel - Where night brings the ripper.
Wound in Time by sahiya
The Writing on the Wall by hollydb
Header for wiggiemomsi
Sisterhood of Guh - header 1
Sisterhood of Guh - header 2
The Bloodshedverse
Crave by nautibitz New!
Rosewater New!
The Spuffy Realm New!
Closer & Closer by dampersandspoons New!


Click here to view all icons.

Buttons (free to use - please upload to your own image hosting account - NO HOTLINKING)

I can make these very quickly upon request even if my status is 'on hiatus'.


Gallifreyan Dreams
The Writing on the Wall by hollydb
In Omne Tempus by hollydb
Hunter's Bane by darkrivertempest
The Art of Immortality by dusty273
Mine for All Time (Master/Rose)
Mine for All Time (Nine/Rose)
Dance With Me (Nine/Rose)
Sisterhood of Guh
Not Anymore
Just Leave Me Your Stardust... for nylana
The Waters of Mars (Ten) New!
Unrequited (Spuffy) New!


like_destiny (Converging on You) (Doctor/Donna community) (view header)
dwsupportstacie (Support Stacie Auction community for DW fans) (view current header)
tennant_love (conceptual) (David Tennant communtity) (view header)
nylana (view header)
ninjasquid01 (view header)
paragon_ofpeace (hollydb's fic journal) (view header)
momdaegmorgan (view header)
fid_gin (view header)


'The Little Biker' (candid photography)
'From Barren to Beauty' (landscape photography)
'Leather and Suede' (simulated macro photography)
'Whimsy' (off camera flash portrait)
"Pretty please?" (single person portrait)
Untitled (two-person portrait)
'At My Fingertips' (1st place in Graphic Design photography competition)

Award Design

Children of Time Awards (promotional/nominee banners) (43 banners)
The Wank Survivor Award (blank version)
Has been awarded to: gowdie, azriona, amberfocus, the_magpye, shannon730, momdaegmorgan, sinecure
Shades of Grey Awards (Round 24 winner/runner up banners) (25 banners)
Children of Time Awards (Round 3 winner/runner up banners) (some banners may be incorrect/missing) (171 banners)

E-books/PDF fiels

Click here to place a request for an e-book/PDF file.

Wolf Moon by Amberfocus (custom booklet version)
Never Quite Normal by Pairadox Timeline (custom booklet version)

Gallifreyan Dreamsa Doctor/Rose fanfiction archive


Place a request

To place a request, simply comment on this page and enter the information requested in the form below to the best of your capability. I'll contact you when I get your comment with an approximation of if/when I'll be able to get it done. If you don't know what to put, leave it blank and I'll use my creative license to fill it for you. I'll contact you with questions regarding the entry anyway, so don't worry if you have trouble at first.

Requests are screened in case of confidentiality and such.

Artwork type: banner, header, logo, icon, award, button, etc
Usage: LJ header, fic banner, advertisment, awards, etc
Graphics: images you want to be used (please provide links for specific images)
Copy: any text you want included
Colour theme: the colours you want used specifically, if any
Other: any other criteria you want to mention


Due date: do you need it by a specific date?
Story Link: if this banner if for a fic, please link to the story so I can read it. If it's unpublished or unfinished, let me know.

Status: on hiatus

Special Thanks